About Granddad Rob

Grandad RobMy wife and I started making chicken houses when petrol was under 20 ‘new pence’ a litre. King Arthur was a ginger bloke from under the ground in Barnsley with no intention a getting ‘around t’table’. And the winter of discontent meant rubbish in the high street, not the start of a an exam question.

Thirty three years later. I have been charged with, and stand accused of, being old fashioned and too straight for my own good.

If old fashioned means knowing your product, saying please and thank you, not doing high fives, not calling your customers ”guys” and thinking an IPAD is somert Long John Silver wore, then I have to plead guilty as charged.

If being straight (in this context) means not making housing from cheap substandard materials, not skimping by using 1×1 sawn, when 2×2 planed makes a better job. Not using a stopwatch in the workshop (I don’t even have a watch) and would rather lose the sale than sell ‘next best’ or worst still what I can get away with. Then again I have to plead guilty as charged.

My defence:
I do unto others as I would be done by. If I’m not proud of what I have made for you, then why should you be proud of what you have bought from me!

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks (perhaps that should be “you can’t teach old tricks to a new dog”)

Mitigating Circumstances:
Its my mum and dads fault, they taught me right from wrong when I was too young and easily influenced.

YOU please be my judge (at least turn up for jury service)

I had a customer complaint the other month, “I bought one of your chicken houses sixteen years ago” said the gent “it’s starting to look a bit tired so I’ve got to replace it”. After sixteen years in a field with chickens on the back seat even a Rolls Royce would ‘look a bit tired’……….and it would still be a runner.

My Gods Bless .. Granddad Rob